I've got a bad feeling about this...

Mos Eisley - Day 1

The Tiger’s Ransom lands safely in Docking Bay 94 late in the afternoon on Mos Eisley.
Bin Oma pays you each a thousand credits and tells you that you have a few hours to kill while she deals with Inspector Klu. You notice a Storm Trooper with the Inspector and a grubby old human male in the shadows behind them. Ghost goes with her to talk to the Inspector.

Zeeso and Arrfour are inside preparing the five Twi’lek dancers and the crates. Ardana, the red Twi’lek, is crying as you all prepare to leave for the market.

You notice a group of young beings, most likely swoop gangers, sizing you up in the market before they decide that you aren’t prey.

GM’s Note: If you see a piece of gear you want or an upgrade that you want, let me know and I’ll let you know if it is available.

Entering Chalmun’s Cantina, you see it is busy but not overly crowded. Various fringers, addicts, spacers and even some Imperials are there taking in the music, drinks and the smokey atmosphere.
A lone organist is playing music for a pair of Twi’lek dancers. A private room and a gambling den are across the room behind the bar.

With a combination of mingling and eaves dropping you discover a possible job opportunity.
It seems there is a pilot named Steve, that has a freighter docked in Mos Eisley. Carin hired Stev to transport some time-sensitive goods off of Tatooine. The problem is that Stev, pissed offJabba the Hutt and apparently he was dragged off by a Droid and some of Jabba’s other lackeys. Carin would like to know if you can talk to Jabba to see if you can get Stev released, Stev has all of the access codes for the ship, so Carin can’t get to her cargo. Carin is travelling with a man named Belduran and a ditsy human female named Bev Devoe. Carin was a bit cagey about why Stev was hauled off. You suspect she knows more but weren’t able to drag it out of her. Belduran got a little aggressive with Zarlamoff when he caught him eaves dropping on his conversation with Bev.

Groz spotted some possible underworld contacts. A beautiful human female with an iron gaze and a Zabrak male that appeared laid back. She informed you that the pirates that attacked you were pirates and slavers that specialized in kidnapping sentient beings. Their leader is Captain Jostero and he was in the cloakshape fighter that got away. He operates out of a camp near Mos Shuuta, but you’ve most likely crippled his small operation with the ships you destroyed and crew you killed. If he ever gets back on his feet, he’ll definitely be looking for revenge. His debt-holders might get a hold of him first.

Meanwhile, Biff is at the bar attempting to suck face with a blue twi’lek girl.

In return for the information, she asks you to fill her in on what Carin and the other fringers you spoke with are involved in…
While you contemplate your answer, you notice the old grubby human from Docking Bay 94 enter the private room in the back.

GM’s notes: That’s where we left it. You have 30 XP to spend. Send me the file from the character generator when you have your updates and don’t forget to do some shopping!

Ambush above Tatooine!
Session recap

I don’t think I remember everything that happened, so feel free to add whatever you can remember.

We started the session with Camden pointing the Tiger’s Ransom directly at the closest Firespray.

After a quick scan, you got the names of the vehicles surrounding you. A Firespray called Bloodblade, a second Firespray called Harasser and a Cloakshape fighter called Shiv. I feel like I added more ships since we had everyone there, but that’s all I had written down.

Biff went to the Hanger/cargo bay and hopped into the Z-95 headhunter called the ‘Steel Dart’ (that was totally there the whole time…right guys?).

Zarlamoff ‘bugged’ the Quad-laser turret and waited for the pirates to get into range.

Groz angled the deflector shields and got to slicing the attackers computer systems.

The Pirates put up a good fight, but were no match for the combined efforts of your crew. There is a new debris field in orbit around Tatooine. However, one pirate ship did manage to get away.

The Tiger’s Ransom did sustain some damage, but nothing critical.

After the last pirate ship fled, Biff re-docked the Steel Dart and Camden took the Tiger’s Ransom into Tatooine’s atmosphere.

Bin Oma made the call to the planet’s surface.

Bin Oma – “Tiger’s Ransom to Mos Eisley Spaceport Control, requesting special permission to land at Docking Bay 94. Priority Code thx1138”

ME SPC – “Verifying…Verifying….Permission granted, Tiger’s Ransom. Inspector Klu will be notified of your arrival. transmitting flight pattern…now”

I’ve updated some pages in the WIki, including Mos Eisley and Tatooine.

I’m also going to be sending messages to each of you so that we can tweak the characters a bit. Some of you may have overspent a little and some underspent. I’d like to get you guys on the same level before I hand out XP. It should be 20XP for what we’ve done so far unless you can convince me that you’ve done something to advance your characters specific motivations and then you’d get another 5 or 10.

I’ve also decided to grant you guys a few achievements for the last session.




Milk Run recap
Session 2

So the intrepid crew of the Tiger’s Ransom left the “Wheel” orbiting Ord Mantell and set off for Tatooine.

At the first jump point (near Shili), Bin Oma noticed the ship was being scanned. Grozyyk pinpointed the signal coming from a floating piece of scrap. A quick shot from the quad lasers destroyed the object while Arrfour finished the calculations to Denon (the next leg of the jump).

This jump takes a few days so the new crew has time to check out the rest of the ship.

Tiger’s Ransom is a Wayfarer-class Medium Transport. It was designed with a detachable portside section originally intended for modular reconfiguration, allowing it to load a passenger section, a hangar bay, or cargo module into an armature extending from the starboard section.
The Tiger’s Ransom is using a modified hangar bay module as a cargo module.

When the crew checked out the module, they found large and small crates, two swoop bikes with attached grav-pads, a section of metal containers (that Bin Oma warned you to stay away from) and 6 Twi’lek females in a semi-permanent cage in the back of the module.

Bin Oma said they are new dancers for Jabba. They aren’t part of the original negotiation with Jabba, but an offering to sweeten the deal.

Each crewmember has their own room, even the droid(s). There is a common room with games and a holo-playback system with galaxy news holos (some with an Imperial bias, some with a rebel bias) and some meant for entertainment. There is a seperate dining area also. There is one escape pod on the ship. It is large enough for all of the crew.

Zeeso seems to keep to himself mostly. He is noticeable avoiding contact with Grozryyk. He has set up a sparring area in the cargo bay with dummies that he practices with.

Arrfour seems to be a cranky droid. It also keeps to itself, spending most of its time in the cargo bay seemingly watching over the “dancers”. It also spends time alone in its quarters when not needed for astrogation. When Grozryyk offered to do some upgrades to Arrfour, it whipped out a stun module and beeped angrily.

Ghost is a Defel. Their homeworld is heavily bathed in UV light. In normal light, Defel can be nearly invisible. They need goggles to see in well in normal light. There are several UV light fixtures around the ship and when Ghost passes through them, his fur is colorfully patterned. He is the most gregarious of the pre-existing crew. He is pretty curious and talks to each of you and jokes around and even offers to share some of his Glitterstim.

Bin Oma is the captain. She doesn’t seem bothered transporting some of her own kind to serve Jabba. If any of you know anything about Twi’leks is that there is a rigid caste system. Bin is a red Twi’lek and are pretty rare. She is open to talking a little bit about the Zann Consortium if anyone is interested.

When the Tiger’s Ransom came out of Hyperspace at Denon, there was a second scanning device which was quickly destroyed, but it was able to scan and transmit beforehand.
Zeeso gathered up the remaining parts and Grozryyk examined them. In the remains were a droid brain that contained the transponder codes of hundreds of passing ships, including the Tiger’s Ransom, as well as information about where the ships came from and where they were headed. There was also a hyperspace transmitter programmed to send the data to a location near Tatooine.

Bin Oma suspects an ambush at Tatooine.

When you arrive at Tatooine, you are greeted by two Fireaprays equipped with tractor beams and a Z-95 Headhunter with Ion Cannons. It seems like they are equipped to capture.

Camden pilots the Tiger’s Ransom straight for the closest Firespray, Grozryyk angles the deflector shields and the rest of the crew prepares to open fire…

First Session recap
Yay, free vibro-knives

Scene: Tapcafe abourd the Jubilee Wheel space station above Ord Mantell

After accepting the job from Bin Oma, Zorloff and Grozryyk ran into some trouble.
It seems there were four human thugs that took offence to their presence in the Tapcafe.

It was a fairly normal bar brawl until Grozryyk knocked out one of them and one of the thugs drew a vibroknife. At that point, all bets were off and Zorloff drew his Blaster and with the help of the enraged Wookie, Grozryyk, the fight quickly went downhill for the thugs.

Grozryyk and Zorloff collected their belongings, payed their tab and left the tapcafe with four slightly used vibroknives before security showed up.

I've got a bad feeling about this...
Opportunity knocks...

However it happened, this is where you ended up. In an unfinished space station, floating above Ord Mantell.

The Jubilee Wheel

You hear through the grapevine that someone needs to flesh out their crew for a run to Tatooine. Rumor has it, that it’s a job with the Zann Consortium. If that’s true, this could be mean a jump into the big leagues. If you do well, this could mean better jobs, better pay and no more sleepless nights in capsule hotels. It could be a chance to redeem yourself. Right past wrongs. Redeem yourself.

This could be the job you were waiting for.

You meet Bin Oma and her Trandoshan meat shield at the Star of Corellia, an upscale Tapcafe on the deck nearest the 3C spacedock.

She tells you about the run. It seems simple enough. They are to deliver a tribute to a Huttese business partner on Tatooine. It’s nearly packed up and ready to go, but some of her crew were picked up by an Imperial Sector Ranger. Some of the items are perishable, so she needs to supplement her remaining crew rather quickly.

She needs you to be discrete and able to handle yourselves in a firefight in case you get boarded by pirates or Imperials. Be sure to behave yourself in the presence off the Hutt. Don’t let on that you are scabs, or he might get offended. If he gets offended, it might get ugly.

The payout is 1,500cr apiece after the run.

What do you say, deal?

Welcome to the Fringe
Edge of the Empire

It is a dark time for the galaxy. Striking from their hidden base, the Rebel Alliance has destroyed the evil Galactic Empire’s powerful Death Star. Now, Imperial forces strike back, throwing the galaxy into war.

In the midst of conflict, countless planets suffer under Imperial tyranny. Many flee opression to build new lives beyond the bounds of civilization.

On the edge of the Empire, these renegades struggle to survive and remain free in the midst of ongoing turmoil…


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