I've got a bad feeling about this...

Ambush above Tatooine!

Session recap

I don’t think I remember everything that happened, so feel free to add whatever you can remember.

We started the session with Camden pointing the Tiger’s Ransom directly at the closest Firespray.

After a quick scan, you got the names of the vehicles surrounding you. A Firespray called Bloodblade, a second Firespray called Harasser and a Cloakshape fighter called Shiv. I feel like I added more ships since we had everyone there, but that’s all I had written down.

Biff went to the Hanger/cargo bay and hopped into the Z-95 headhunter called the ‘Steel Dart’ (that was totally there the whole time…right guys?).

Zarlamoff ‘bugged’ the Quad-laser turret and waited for the pirates to get into range.

Groz angled the deflector shields and got to slicing the attackers computer systems.

The Pirates put up a good fight, but were no match for the combined efforts of your crew. There is a new debris field in orbit around Tatooine. However, one pirate ship did manage to get away.

The Tiger’s Ransom did sustain some damage, but nothing critical.

After the last pirate ship fled, Biff re-docked the Steel Dart and Camden took the Tiger’s Ransom into Tatooine’s atmosphere.

Bin Oma made the call to the planet’s surface.

Bin Oma – “Tiger’s Ransom to Mos Eisley Spaceport Control, requesting special permission to land at Docking Bay 94. Priority Code thx1138”

ME SPC – “Verifying…Verifying….Permission granted, Tiger’s Ransom. Inspector Klu will be notified of your arrival. transmitting flight pattern…now”

I’ve updated some pages in the WIki, including Mos Eisley and Tatooine.

I’m also going to be sending messages to each of you so that we can tweak the characters a bit. Some of you may have overspent a little and some underspent. I’d like to get you guys on the same level before I hand out XP. It should be 20XP for what we’ve done so far unless you can convince me that you’ve done something to advance your characters specific motivations and then you’d get another 5 or 10.

I’ve also decided to grant you guys a few achievements for the last session.





I love those “Achievement Meters”!

Ambush above Tatooine!

Extra points if you can figure out who I used for the “Don’t get cocky, kid” icon.

hint: it’s not a Star Wars actor

Ambush above Tatooine!

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