I've got a bad feeling about this...

First Session recap

Yay, free vibro-knives

Scene: Tapcafe abourd the Jubilee Wheel space station above Ord Mantell

After accepting the job from Bin Oma, Zorloff and Grozryyk ran into some trouble.
It seems there were four human thugs that took offence to their presence in the Tapcafe.

It was a fairly normal bar brawl until Grozryyk knocked out one of them and one of the thugs drew a vibroknife. At that point, all bets were off and Zorloff drew his Blaster and with the help of the enraged Wookie, Grozryyk, the fight quickly went downhill for the thugs.

Grozryyk and Zorloff collected their belongings, payed their tab and left the tapcafe with four slightly used vibroknives before security showed up.



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