I've got a bad feeling about this...

Mos Eisley - Day 1

The Tiger’s Ransom lands safely in Docking Bay 94 late in the afternoon on Mos Eisley.
Bin Oma pays you each a thousand credits and tells you that you have a few hours to kill while she deals with Inspector Klu. You notice a Storm Trooper with the Inspector and a grubby old human male in the shadows behind them. Ghost goes with her to talk to the Inspector.

Zeeso and Arrfour are inside preparing the five Twi’lek dancers and the crates. Ardana, the red Twi’lek, is crying as you all prepare to leave for the market.

You notice a group of young beings, most likely swoop gangers, sizing you up in the market before they decide that you aren’t prey.

GM’s Note: If you see a piece of gear you want or an upgrade that you want, let me know and I’ll let you know if it is available.

Entering Chalmun’s Cantina, you see it is busy but not overly crowded. Various fringers, addicts, spacers and even some Imperials are there taking in the music, drinks and the smokey atmosphere.
A lone organist is playing music for a pair of Twi’lek dancers. A private room and a gambling den are across the room behind the bar.

With a combination of mingling and eaves dropping you discover a possible job opportunity.
It seems there is a pilot named Steve, that has a freighter docked in Mos Eisley. Carin hired Stev to transport some time-sensitive goods off of Tatooine. The problem is that Stev, pissed offJabba the Hutt and apparently he was dragged off by a Droid and some of Jabba’s other lackeys. Carin would like to know if you can talk to Jabba to see if you can get Stev released, Stev has all of the access codes for the ship, so Carin can’t get to her cargo. Carin is travelling with a man named Belduran and a ditsy human female named Bev Devoe. Carin was a bit cagey about why Stev was hauled off. You suspect she knows more but weren’t able to drag it out of her. Belduran got a little aggressive with Zarlamoff when he caught him eaves dropping on his conversation with Bev.

Groz spotted some possible underworld contacts. A beautiful human female with an iron gaze and a Zabrak male that appeared laid back. She informed you that the pirates that attacked you were pirates and slavers that specialized in kidnapping sentient beings. Their leader is Captain Jostero and he was in the cloakshape fighter that got away. He operates out of a camp near Mos Shuuta, but you’ve most likely crippled his small operation with the ships you destroyed and crew you killed. If he ever gets back on his feet, he’ll definitely be looking for revenge. His debt-holders might get a hold of him first.

Meanwhile, Biff is at the bar attempting to suck face with a blue twi’lek girl.

In return for the information, she asks you to fill her in on what Carin and the other fringers you spoke with are involved in…
While you contemplate your answer, you notice the old grubby human from Docking Bay 94 enter the private room in the back.

GM’s notes: That’s where we left it. You have 30 XP to spend. Send me the file from the character generator when you have your updates and don’t forget to do some shopping!



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