I've got a bad feeling about this...

Milk Run recap

Session 2

So the intrepid crew of the Tiger’s Ransom left the “Wheel” orbiting Ord Mantell and set off for Tatooine.

At the first jump point (near Shili), Bin Oma noticed the ship was being scanned. Grozyyk pinpointed the signal coming from a floating piece of scrap. A quick shot from the quad lasers destroyed the object while Arrfour finished the calculations to Denon (the next leg of the jump).

This jump takes a few days so the new crew has time to check out the rest of the ship.

Tiger’s Ransom is a Wayfarer-class Medium Transport. It was designed with a detachable portside section originally intended for modular reconfiguration, allowing it to load a passenger section, a hangar bay, or cargo module into an armature extending from the starboard section.
The Tiger’s Ransom is using a modified hangar bay module as a cargo module.

When the crew checked out the module, they found large and small crates, two swoop bikes with attached grav-pads, a section of metal containers (that Bin Oma warned you to stay away from) and 6 Twi’lek females in a semi-permanent cage in the back of the module.

Bin Oma said they are new dancers for Jabba. They aren’t part of the original negotiation with Jabba, but an offering to sweeten the deal.

Each crewmember has their own room, even the droid(s). There is a common room with games and a holo-playback system with galaxy news holos (some with an Imperial bias, some with a rebel bias) and some meant for entertainment. There is a seperate dining area also. There is one escape pod on the ship. It is large enough for all of the crew.

Zeeso seems to keep to himself mostly. He is noticeable avoiding contact with Grozryyk. He has set up a sparring area in the cargo bay with dummies that he practices with.

Arrfour seems to be a cranky droid. It also keeps to itself, spending most of its time in the cargo bay seemingly watching over the “dancers”. It also spends time alone in its quarters when not needed for astrogation. When Grozryyk offered to do some upgrades to Arrfour, it whipped out a stun module and beeped angrily.

Ghost is a Defel. Their homeworld is heavily bathed in UV light. In normal light, Defel can be nearly invisible. They need goggles to see in well in normal light. There are several UV light fixtures around the ship and when Ghost passes through them, his fur is colorfully patterned. He is the most gregarious of the pre-existing crew. He is pretty curious and talks to each of you and jokes around and even offers to share some of his Glitterstim.

Bin Oma is the captain. She doesn’t seem bothered transporting some of her own kind to serve Jabba. If any of you know anything about Twi’leks is that there is a rigid caste system. Bin is a red Twi’lek and are pretty rare. She is open to talking a little bit about the Zann Consortium if anyone is interested.

When the Tiger’s Ransom came out of Hyperspace at Denon, there was a second scanning device which was quickly destroyed, but it was able to scan and transmit beforehand.
Zeeso gathered up the remaining parts and Grozryyk examined them. In the remains were a droid brain that contained the transponder codes of hundreds of passing ships, including the Tiger’s Ransom, as well as information about where the ships came from and where they were headed. There was also a hyperspace transmitter programmed to send the data to a location near Tatooine.

Bin Oma suspects an ambush at Tatooine.

When you arrive at Tatooine, you are greeted by two Fireaprays equipped with tractor beams and a Z-95 Headhunter with Ion Cannons. It seems like they are equipped to capture.

Camden pilots the Tiger’s Ransom straight for the closest Firespray, Grozryyk angles the deflector shields and the rest of the crew prepares to open fire…



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