Piloting and Vehicle Combat

Like in personal combat: The PCs still get one Maneuver and one Action when they are aboard a vehicle.
The Vehicles themselves get 1 “Pilot Only” Maneuver per round, unless they are a small vehicle (Silhouette 1-4). A small vehicle can get one extra Maneuver by expending 2 System Strain.
Maneuvers Pilot Only Maneuver? Silhoutte Speed
Aim No Any Any
Assist No Any Any
Guarded Stance: No Any Any
Interact No Any Any
Manage gear No Any Any
Move No Any Any
Angle Deflector Shields No Any Any
Fly/Drive Yes Any Any
Accelerate/Decelerate Yes Any Any
Evasive Maneuver Yes 1-4 3+
Stay on target Yes 1-4 3+
Punch It Yes 1-4 Any
Actions Pilot Only Action? Silhoutte Speed Skill Check
Exchange Action for Maneuver No Any Any None
Activate an Ability No Any Any None
Activate Force Power No Any Any None
Skill Check No Any Any “Skill”
Combat Check No Any Any Weapon Type
Plot Course No Any Any Astrogation or Perception
Copilot No Any Any Piloting
Jamming No Any Any Computers
Boost Shields No Any Any Mechanics
Fire Discipline No Any Any Leadership or Discipline
Scan the Enemy No Any Any Perception
Manual Repairs No Any Any Athletics
Slice the Enemies System No Any Any Computers
Spoofing Missiles No Any Any Computers or Vigilance
Damage Control No Any Any Mechanics
Gain the Advantage Yes 1-4 4+ Piloting

Tiger’s Ransom

As you can see from the description, the Tiger’s Ransom is a big, clunky ship.
Many of the Pilot Only actions and Maneuvers won’t be usable by the Tiger’s Ransom.
That doesn’t mean that Piloting won’t be useful. You can use the Skill Check action to gain insight into the situation or the opposing pilot(s) flying style or to position the ship where the gunners can hit the enemies weaker shields. The Piloting check is useful in a chase encounter, like piloting through an asteroid field. Handling can add boost (blue) or setback (black) dice.

Maneuver Descriptions:

Fly/Drive -

This is piloting the ship from point A to point B. You don’t have to do this every round. In game you are still moving you just aren’t headed toward a specific destination.

Accelerate/Decelerate -

Stepping on the Gas or the Brake. Basically, you need to get up to speed change range bands to close on targets and to get to a point where you can perform the harder maneuvers and actions.

Speed 0 – Not Moving
Speed 1: 1 Maneuver to move within Close Range. 2 Maneuvers to move from Short to Close.
Speed 2-4: 1 Maneuver to move from Short to Close. 2 Maneuvers to move from Close to Medium.

Evasive Maneuver -

Upgrades difficulty of all attacks against the ship. Also upgrades the difficulty of all attacks made by the ship.

Stay on target -

Upgrades the ability dice for the combat checks made by the ship until the next turn. Also makes you easier to hit, upgrading your opponents ability checks.

Punch it -

Go to maximum speed in one maneuver.Costs more system strain.

Angle Deflector shields -

Move a point of shield from one zone to another.

Damage Control -

Very important for mechanics. Basically healing for ships. It allows you to repair system strain and hull damage ( to a limited extent).

Gain the Advantage -

Dog-fighting basically. Allows the pilot to ignore the affects of the opponents use of Evasive Maneuvers until the end of the following round.

Gunnery -

Smaller ships are harder to hit. Larger ships are easier to hit.

Piloting and Vehicle Combat

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